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The Poseidon Adventure: S. O. S

“The impact of social media on my work has been profound. As my proficiency on social media sites grew with the use of certain visual-centred Apps like Instagram I also became interested in different modes of communication like memes, quotes, gestures, tags and emoticons whilst in conversations, chats and dialogue with others. In a series of new works, I use images posted everyday of the view in front of my studio in Cape Town at dawn and daybreak. These images...

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The Poseidon Adventure

A ‘project’ that roughly started in 2013. The title is lifted from the 1972 film but only acts to dramatise and to highlight the tendency towards the aquatic. I am also reminded of the futility demonstrated in the tale of Caligula’s war on Poseidon (Neptune) This Roman emperor had his soldiers march to the sea and ordered them to stab the water.                                    ...

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