Urban Futures Project


Bronze sculptures
Location: Johannesburg
Date: 2000

Here a pigeon will never stand


Pigeon 1

Pigeon 2

Pigeon 3

This work was part of the Urban Futures Project in Johannedburg, 2000. It involves a bronze sculpture of a pigeon like to ones found in public spaces and on top of public sculptures. Due to inner city crime, many of the existing bronzes are stolen to be sold for scrap metal. This will be the inevitable fate of this bird. I am attempting to use crime as a medium to speak about loss. – Luan Nel

A citywide installation in Johannesburg for ‘The Urban Futures’ project in 2000.

Bronze sculptures of a pigeon were glued (epoxi – bond) into the sites in various public spaces ie. Joubert Park and Ghandi Square. They were all missing by the next day.