Onthou en Vergeet


Location: The Netherlands.
Date: 2000







Vergeet (detail):

VERGEET R (detail)

For the Exhibition ‘Lustwarande, Pleasure Garden’ in Tillburg, The Netherlands. Curated by Chris Driessen and Marianne Brouwer.

This work is an extension of the work ‘Pa se Tent‘ (My Father’s Tent), 1997: an inflatable house, simulating the home where I lived with my father at thirteen, this work attempted to deal with memory, the relationship between father and son, and growing up to be an Afrikaner man. With this work I initially wanted to dig the foundations of this house into the landscape, in order to map my history in a certain way. This developed into the work I have now: filling these foundations with water, shaping canals as letters which reflect the environment. The words “ONTHOU” and “VERGEET” (Remember and Forget) also reflect, and deflect each other. I wished to use this work not just as a mimic of the house’s foundations but to write about memory.

Luan Nel’s installation ONTHOU VERGEET for the exhibition Lustwarende/Pleasure Garden (2000) under fascilitation of Fundament Foundation.